Pseudotsuga's Ramblin Ambler
Father to Stinson, Baker, Bebee and Pemi.

A big, strong, powerful boy with a rowdy attitude, and is still one of the strongest dogs in the kennel. Runs mostly as a wheel dog, but has run all throughout the team, including in lead. Finisher of Yukon Quest, Copper Basin 300, Taiga 300, GinGin 200, Two Rivers 200, Can-Am 250 and more.

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Pedigree for:
Pseudotsuga's Ramblin Ambler
Birthdate: November 3rd, 2002
Shaguluks Simply Summit
Max of Sepp-Alta
Hercules of Sepp-Alta
Ash of Markovo
Alma of Sepp-Alta
Flame of Sepp-Alta Uelen's Beowulf of Sepp-Alta
Powder of Markovo
Taztoo of Kimball
Sepp-lok's Ariok Uelen's Beowulf of Sepp-Alta
Foxhaunt Diamond
Vanessa Of Alta Minsten Of Vargevass
Dynamakos Ruby
Tsuga's Barleywine
Alkasiber's Wyatt Riot
Ch. Alkas'iber's Al X Canaan, S.D.X
Alkas'iber's Steely Dan, S.D.X
Canaan's Little Dickens
Alkasiber's Jacqui Patu, S.D.
Am/Can. Ch Alkasi'iber's Kid Kreko, S.D.X
Keewatin's Shameless Shasta, S.D.X.

Alkasiber's Yellow Birch

Nekanesu's Pete, S.D.X.
Lokiboden's Don
Nekanesu's Lady
Blackwater Alkasiber Amadour, S.D.
Nekanesu's Scamp, S.D.O
Shjegge Manns Nic-o-lea

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