Tsuga's Simple Kobukaroo
"…we've got a Simple!…" Kobuk is a big, fluffy, beautiful boy with a heart of gold. He has matured into a solid leader and he really proved himself at Can-Am 2005 by leading every step of the very tough 250 miles. Give this boy a nice cold night and he'll go, go, go.

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Kobuk Kobuk Kobuk

Pedigree for: Tsuga's Simple Kobukaroo Birthdate: November 27th, 1998
Alkasiber's Wyatt Riot
Ch. Alkas'iber's Al X Canaan, S.D.X
Alkas'iber's Steely Dan, S.D.X
Can. Ch. Channikko's Nordic Digger, Am CD, Can CDX, Can TD
Tokomac's Makushkin Nunatak
Canaan's Little Dickens Ch. Innisfree's Sled Borne One
Ch. Canaan's Rolicking Raven, SD
Alkasiber's Jacqui Patu, S.D.
Am/Can. Ch Alkasi'iber's Kid Kreko, S.D.X
Manitou's Timbuktoo
Can. Ch. Tokomac's Kashega
Keewatin's Shameless Shasta, S.D.X.
Nekanesu's Sonny Boy
Nekanesu's Lucky
Alkasiber's Yellow Birch
Nekanesu's Pete, S.D.X.
Lokiboden's Don Lokiboden's Tango
Kimik's Nia
Nekanesu's Lady Nekanesu's Deno
Bain's Northern X Rocci Racoon
Blackwater Alkasiber Amadour, S.D.
Nekanesu's Scamp, S.D.O
Nekanesu's Deno
Bain's Northern X Rocci Racoon
Shjegge Manns Nic-o-lea
Northomes Spook, SD
Alaskan's Nic-o-lena of Anadyr

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