The two-legged members of Team Tsuga are Sue and Mike Ellis. Plymouth State College drew us both to central New Hampshire, more than half our lives ago, and we had started our kennel there in a hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) grove. Mike had already caught the mushing bug when he asked Sue to marry him in 1996, and when she accepted a puppy, Birch, as an engagement present, the deal was sealed and a team was formed. Since we were married in 1997, we’ve built a house, a kennel, and a lifestyle centered on our Siberian Huskies, eventually following the dream to Alaska and the biggest stages of our sport, the 1000-mile races, Yukon Quest and Iditarod. Since Mike’s first puppy Wyatt, our dogs have lived out their entire lives with us. We pride ourselves on the getting the best out of the dogs we have. We attempt this by keeping a healthy, happy team that has confidence, trust, faith, and respect. The dogs trust us completely because we pay attention to their needs. By never asking for more than what any dog is capable of, they have faith that when we do ask it, it is with in their reach. This gives us confidence that we can achieve new goals by working together as a team, with dogs that respect the mushers because the mushers respect the dogs. Happy Trails and Happy Tails.


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