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Team Tsuga has finished  the 2008 Yukon Quest with a time of  12 Days, 9 Hours and 58 Minutes!

As our team has grown with our goals to make it to Yukon Quest 2008, so has our need for your help. The costs involved in preparing a team of our own dogs to race 1000 miles across the northern wilderness on the other side of the continent are extensive. The work has already begun with our current training, racing, and puppy raising. The focus of the kennel is clearly set on the goal. We wonít make it alone. We need you to join the teamÖ


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- French Land Services - Complete Land Survey Services in Central New Hampshire - Phone: 603-786-9790 -

-- Sponsor A Dog --

With 27 dogs in the yard, you've got your choice.   Each dog is unique and special, but also has it's role to play in the team.  Those roles change over time, so each sponsorship will last for the season which always starts anew for us on September first.

All sponsors may have their name(s) listed on that dog's fan club on each individual webpage.  Every sponsor is welcome to come meet "their"  husky here at the kennel."

All sponsorships will be used directly on training and racing expenses.

Pick a Dog. Join the Team. Thanks for the Support.

Michael and Susan Ellis
2041 Stinson Lake Road
Rumney, New Hampshire 03266

Dogs Available For Sponsorship:
(Dogs can have multiple sponsors)
Every team has itís superstars and these are ours. They set the tone with unbelievable drive and effort.


Roberta Ellis
Howard Ellis
Blackwater Siberians, Peter & Donna Johnson


Joyce and Peter Duncan
Roberta Ellis
Howard Ellis

LEADERS ($100+)
These guys set the pace, take the commands and are generally the brains of the operation. We donít get anywhere without them.


Howard Ellis


Howard Ellis


Howard Ellis
Tawnia, Luke, Hannah and Sam Foye


Joyce and Peter Duncan


Marilyn Ashley
Howard Ellis


Joyce and Peter Duncan
Carol Clarke and Barb Crumb


Howard Ellis

TEAM DOGS ($50+)
The core of the team. These dogs are the blue collar workers. Head down, tugline tight. No glory, just honest effort and consistent performance


Anastasia Seyer and Nik Palmer
Kim & Kelly Berg (Kelim Siberian)


Rumney Village Store (Deb, Matt, Michelle and Jared)


Joyce and Peter Duncan
Peggy and Joel Grass


Joyce and Peter Duncan
Marilyn Ashley


Peggy & Joel Grass


Amy & Mike Gratton


Amy & Mike Gratton


Jenny Scala




Gerry Scala


Gerry Scala


Amy & Mike Gratton

Jenny Scala

Dogs no longer racing.


Shannon Tolley  -  In memory of my little fighter "Little Dude"
Colin Sainsbury and Kim Allen
Mark Andrew


Sandra Kirby and Phil Cook
Linda Andrew

Mack and Billy Foster
Rosie Pendoley
Lidia Dale-Mesaros

Brian Donovan


Elizabeth St. Germain


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