Four Wind's Zirkle of Tsuga
Our fulltime house dog and best friend. She’s a HUGE part of our lives. We got her right after Aily had won the Quest in 2000 and was the first of the Four Winds Kennel dogs we acquired, but led directly to us getting Stump, Mugs, Gila, Gecko, and Hawkeye. Zirkle is Queen of Tsuga-land and all the other dogs defer to her, despite the fact she’s the smallest, oldest dog we own. She’s 13 but we still get asked, “how old is your puppy??” A very special girl and Sue’s constant companion and full-time greeter at the Chena Ridge Vet office where Sue works.

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Zirkle Zirkle

Pedigree for: Four Winds Zirkle of Tsuga Birthdate: April 10th, 2000
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